Five Fun Facts For A Royal Game

1. There are over 60 ‘ Royal’ golf clubs in the world with the majority to be found in the United Kingdom.

2. The Duke of York was Captain of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews from 2003-04 during its 250th anniversary year.

3. Golfing great, Ben Hogan, had an older brother called Royal!

4. No fewer than three Kings in the fifteenth century banned the playing of golf due to its distracting their men from practicing archery (James II, 1457/ James III, 1471/ James IV, 1492)

5. Prince William is said to have a ‘Harry Potter-style’ scar on his forehead that resulted from his being struck by a seven iron while playing the game with friends when he was nine.

I’m always glad that the more recent Royal Family has had a change of heart from that of their ancestors when it comes to golf and even from some of the facts above it is clear to see that they too have their own tales to tell from the Home of Golf. Why not share some of your own stories on our Facebook discussion board?



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