Dreams Come True

It’s no ordinary experience! If there is a single course in the world that all golfers aspire to play, it is the Old Course in St Andrews. Grown men are brought to tears of joy (and frustration!) by the ‘Old Lady’ on a truly emotional journey for any golfer to follow in the footsteps of their golfing idols. A mix of emotions accompanies that famous stroll over the iconic Swilken Bridge, down the fairway and up to the Valley of Sin – reverence for those who have passed that way before and sheer delight for the opportunity to recreate those famous images on the bridge – a moment to capture. 

‘Thanks for making our golfing dreams come true’ are the words that sit below a picture gifted to us by a group of American clients a few years ago. This simple phrase sums up The Old Course Experience perfectly. From the moment you are greeted on arrival to the moment you are waved off at the airport, all you have to do is enjoy yourself; no thinking required. Each year, thousands of golfers make the pilgrimage to St Andrews in the hope of playing the Old Course but, due to the demand, so many are left disappointed. By using the services of The Old Course Experience, however, those dreams will come true.

 If you have your own dreams and Old Course experiences to share, visit our ‘Dreams’ discussion board on Facebook.



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